The Amount Of Meth Pouring Across The US Southern Border Is Skyrocketing

The crisis at the United States Southern border seems to get worse with each passing week. New developments from The Daily Caller News Foundation have affirmed that increasing amounts of meth are making it across the border.

Drugs at the Southern Border

According to Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) tracking systems, more than 300,000 seizures of various drugs at the border were reviewed in labs during the year of 2017. This is an increase from the numbers of drug busts in previous years. Mexican drug cartels are unfortunately getting savvier in successfully trafficking drugs into America.

Specific areas where drugs are being trafficked include, but are likely not limited to, tunnels coupled with ports of entry and areas surrounding ports of entry. One certainty is that drugs are definitely making it into the United States and that’s not good.

Securing the Southern Border

This latest development comes as President Trump maintains his fight to secure the Southern border. Over the past few months, there has been a 35-day government shutdown, failed proposals to fund the border wall and an impasse between President Trump and Democrats. On February 15, the president declared a national emergency, thus opening up new channels for him to fund his promised border wall.

As to be expected, Democrats managed to ram a resolution through Congress which would have shut down the national emergency declaration. This led to a subsequent veto of the resolution from President Trump.

At this time, securing the Southern border is of the utmost importance. This, of course, means building the wall and ensuring that the current laws are being enforced at the border. We cannot allow drugs to simply pour across the border unchecked. The fact that so much meth is being successfully trafficked into the country simply proves how much work there is to be done.